I am a multi-disciplinary artist with interests in drawing, illustration, installation and sculpture. My work is an exploration of the human landscape (e.g., buildings, roadways, sidewalks, power grids, refuse) as being both a reflection and determinate of the social, physical, and individual well being in contemporary human life. This is explored primarily through the exaggeration of our every day environment in a playful attempt to make visible the absurdity of our constructed spaces in contrast to the natural spaces surrounding us. I am interested in illuminating the relationship between practical human life in a consumerist society and the environmental destruction that can result. I explore how we manipulate our environment starting with our physical dwellings and structures. The drawings, sculptures, and installations I create focus on creating an exaggerated reality that re-contextualizes what has become common place in our constructed environments.

My most recent work is aimed at expanding this idea by taking drawing from a two dimensional approach to three dimensional sculpture. This approach combines my interest in sculpture's ability to interact with a viewer's space and drawing's ability to illustrate an idea. I find this approach providing me with seemingly limitless possibilities. The paper sculptures build environments that are awkward and rambling. Natural elements are often minuscule or abstracted to something familiar but strange, and details like power lines or piping become rambling organic messes of knots and paper.