Southern Red Oak Tribute Sculpture

We seem to place some innate respect on those things that last the “test of time.” This Southern Red Oak passed the test: It was big enough to climb, long before the Fourth & Gill Neighborhood’s very conception. A touch or gaze upon this tree connected us with a past of another time and provided us with a sense of continuity reaching back to great-great-grandparents we never met. The loss of this tree is a loss of both something very alive and tangible and also something of heartfelt emotion, and intangible. The design and siting of this sculpture is meant to provide a gift of continuity to the neighborhood, an expression of gratitude and an opportunity for remembering. The concept and design for Southern Red Oak Tribute is by Fourth & Gill resident artists Gerry Moll and Katie Walberg, with support from the Fourth & Gill community. Our collaborative work is focused on projects that engage the public through experiences that encourage contemplation of our connection to each other and our environment.

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